The Snaktooth Investigators

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Buddy and Snorpy sitting at a table, discussing something. Buddy, on the left, is an orange grumpus of average build with short fur, green eyes, a small red nose, and an overbite with two short tusks, and they are wearing a brown fedora. They are holding a pen with their left paw and holding a journal open with their right, and they are listening to Snorpy. Snorpy, on the right, is a chubby yellow grumpus with purple eyes, shaggy fur, curly ginger hair, an underbite with two rounded tusks, and a purple, pear-shaped nose. He is wearing a red flat cap, a green work apron and glasses. He is talking passionately and gesturing to some papers on the table.
Sketch by Snorpy, lines and colours by Buddy. Jan 2021.

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